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Injection molding machine temperature rise is too high five hazards: the machine heat distortion, oil viscosity decreases, rubber seals deformation, accelerated oil oxidation deterioration, but also to reduce the air pressure.

One of the hazards: the machine heat distortion

Hydraulic components in the thermal expansion coefficient of different moving parts because of its small gap with the stuck, causing malfunctions, affecting the hydraulic system transmission accuracy, resulting in deterioration of the quality of work components.

Hazard of the second: the viscosity of the oil reduced

High temperature rise of the injection molding machine will lead to lower viscosity of the oil, increased leakage, pump volumetric efficiency and the efficiency of the entire system will be significantly reduced. As the viscosity of the oil decreases, the oil film of the moving parts such as the slide valve becomes thinner and cut, and the frictional resistance increases, resulting in increased wear.

Hazard of the three: the rubber seal deformation

Injection molding machine temperature rise is too high will make rubber seals deformation, accelerated aging failure, reduce the sealing performance and service life, resulting in leakage.

Hazard of the four: to accelerate the deterioration of oil oxidation

Injection molding machine temperature rise is too high will accelerate the deterioration of oil oxidation, precipitation of asphalt material, reduce the life of hydraulic oil. Precipitates clog the damp hole and the slotted valve port, causing the pressure valve to stuck and not move, the metal pipe is elongated and bent, or even broken.

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